Emergency Dental Care for Kids
in San Antonio, TX

If you believe your child needs to see an experienced emergency dentist in San Antonio as soon as possible, please give our office a call.

Safari Children’s Dentistry is available to assist any of our patients whenever they need dental care, not just during regularly scheduled appointments. Once you have described the situation over the phone, we will help you decide what to do next and begin preparing a treatment room if necessary.

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a young girl with a toothache

What should I do if my child has a toothache?

If your child has mentioned that they are experiencing a little pain in one of their teeth, we recommend scheduling a visit with our team in the near future so we can check it out. In the meantime, home remedies like swishing warm salt water around their mouth for thirty seconds or applying vanilla extract or garlic paste to the tooth can help to numb the pain. If the pain ever becomes overwhelming or they develop a fever, please contact our office right away so we can schedule an emergency appointment for them.

a father playing with his young child

Is losing a baby tooth too early considered a dental emergency?

When an adult tooth is knocked out, you must see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible to save the tooth before it’s too late. If a baby tooth is knocked out, you don’t have to react with the same amount of urgency, but our team will want to see your child after an accident like this occurs. Our pediatric dentist will examine their teeth for any other signs of dental trauma, and we may place a space maintainer as well, which prevents nearby teeth from moving into the space where the baby tooth was and blocking the adult tooth underneath from growing in.

a daughter playing with her mom

How can I be prepared for a dental emergency?

Having a first aid kit on hand is not only important for medical emergencies but dental emergencies as well. Gauze can be used to hold a tooth in its socket after it has been knocked out or to stop gum bleeding. If your child is young and at risk of swallowing a dislodged tooth, putting it in a cup of milk will keep it alive until you can get to our office. It’s also a good idea to keep ice packs in the freezer and have over-the-counter pain medication available to handle any tooth pain or swelling that may occur.

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