Pediatric Dental Fillings
in San Antonio, TX

A pediatric dental filling is used to repair tooth decay, cracks, or fractures that otherwise would affect the tooth’s structure.

Wincing when eating or drinking can be a sign of tooth decay. Restoring your child’s smile before tooth decay or damage worsens is easy with our pediatric dental fillings! Call us today to schedule your child’s appointment.

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What are the best ways to treat tooth decay?

While your child may follow an oral hygiene routine alone or with your help, tooth decay is one of the most common oral health concerns that may occur. Fortunately, tooth decay treatment is effective and often minimally invasive! Our pediatric dentist in San Antonio offers several restorative dentistry treatments, but we prefer to treat tooth decay with tooth-colored fillings as they are designed to look natural and last longer. If you would like to avoid tooth decay treatment for your child, we encourage you to maintain their pediatric dentist cleaning and exams.

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When should kids get dental fillings?

Though baby teeth fall out as your child grows, dental fillings for children are still recommended. Whether or not your child will receive a pediatric dental filling will depend on the size and location of the tooth decay. However, preserving your child’s natural teeth until they are ready to fall out on their own is always in the best interest of the development of their oral health.

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Are dental fillings painful?

Your child’s safety and comfort are among our top priorities! We will administer a local anesthetic to completely numb your child’s gum and teeth during a pediatric dental filling. Once numb, the procedure for a pediatric dental filling is straightforward and minimally invasive. First, our pediatric dentist in San Antonio will remove the decayed portion of the tooth. The tooth will be cleaned, and then tooth-colored material will be placed and sealed. Once this is done, your child will be able to enjoy their favorite food and drinks again!

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