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At Safari Children’s Dentistry & Braces, we’re proud to offer our patients several orthodontic treatment options in San Antonio.

Whether you’re looking for metal braces, clear aligners, or just curious about whether or not your child can benefit from orthodontics, we’re here to straighten your child’s smile on your terms! Please contact us to learn more about our orthodontics in San Antonio or schedule your child’s orthodontic consultation.

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Does my child need orthodontics?

For most patients, receiving orthodontic treatment is about achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. While only an orthodontic consultation with our team can confirm whether or not your child would benefit from orthodontics, there are a few signs that may indicate the need for orthodontic treatment. Common signs that your child may need orthodontic treatment include the appearance of crowded, blocked, or misaligned teeth and difficulty chewing, biting, or flossing.

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How much do braces cost?

The price of orthodontic treatment ranges depending on the needs of the patient. The cost of braces factors in the type, length, and extent of issues being treated. At Safari Children’s Dentistry & Braces, we accept several payment methods to make receiving custom treatment accessible as possible. Whether you’re using dental insurance to help pay for your child’s braces or would like to fund treatment through a credit card, we have options and are happy to work to make treatment fit within your budget!

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At what age can my child start orthodontic treatment?

While the aesthetics of your child’s smile will improve, so can the factor of their oral health. Orthodontic treatments like metal braces or clear aligners are great options for kids and teenagers. Our office is happy to see patients as young as seven to determine whether or not orthodontic treatment can benefit their smiles. We suggest scheduling a consultation sooner than later to explore the different types of orthodontic appliances and options for your child.

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