Metal Braces
in San Antonio, TX

Is your child interested in straightening their teeth?

We recommend scheduling an orthodontic consultation with our team so we can determine which orthodontic treatment option will be the best choice for them. Metal braces can straighten teeth efficiently and effectively, and they are less noticeable and more comfortable to wear than metal braces of the past. To learn more about metal braces or schedule your child’s next visit, please contact us!

girl with metal braces

Who should get metal braces?

Metal braces often work well for younger patients who may not be quite responsible enough yet to keep track of clear aligners and wear them often enough. Since metal braces are adhered to the front of the teeth and can only be removed by a dental professional, they work 24/7 to straighten teeth, and the patient just has to ensure that they are keeping their teeth and braces clean. Some patients who have advanced or rare orthodontic issues may need to wear metal braces. Our San Antonio team can assess your child’s smile and make a personalized recommendation.

teen with metal braces

What should patients with metal braces avoid?

There are a few things that patients with metal braces should keep in mind to keep their teeth and braces in good condition. Very crunchy and sticky foods, like nuts and caramel candies, can get stuck in metal braces and cause wires or brackets to pop out of place. Hard foods, like carrots and apples, should be cut into pieces and chewed with the back teeth. Should your child ever lose a bracket or notice that a wire is out of place, please schedule an appointment with our team at your earliest convenience so their braces can be repaired.

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How do patients with metal braces avoid tooth decay?

Clear aligners can be removed and cleaned, but since metal braces cannot be removed, an enhanced oral care routine is extra important for keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy and clean. We advise patients to brush their teeth after every meal using a soft-bristle toothbrush. Flossing is also crucial, and there are special flossing products for metal braces that can make this process easier. Finally, scheduling routine orthodontic appointments and cleanings are important for preventing tooth decay and keeping your child’s treatment plan on track.

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