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Establishing Early Dental Habits for Kids

September 28, 2023 11:27 pm
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The oral health habits your child develops at a young age can promote healthy teeth and gums throughout their life! Here are four of the most important habits:

  1. Regularly Take Your Child to the Dentist
  2. As soon as your child gets their first tooth, they should visit our office for their first dental checkup! If your child hasn’t gotten their first tooth by their first birthday, you should make an appointment anyway. Helping your child become familiar with visiting the dentist from an early age will reduce their likelihood of experiencing future dental anxiety and dental issues.

  3. Teach Them to Brush Their Teeth Twice a Day
  4. Kids should brush their teeth twice a day just like adults. Kid-friendly brushing timers and fruity toothpaste flavors can make the process more fun. They will likely need help brushing until they’re about six years old. When your child begins brushing independently, we recommend supervising them to make sure they’re brushing long enough and with good technique.

    Very young children need a lot of help with their dental care. Once they’re older, let them take charge of their oral hygiene and only step in when necessary.

  5. Start Flossing When Your Child Has 2 Teeth Next to Each Other
  6. As soon as your child has two teeth next to each other, you should start flossing their teeth. Flossing removes food particles and bacteria from between teeth and from under the gums that could otherwise result in bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

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