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Children’s Emergency Dental Care

July 19, 2022 2:30 am
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While we never want your child to experience a dental emergency, unfortunately emergencies do happen. It’s important to be prepared for them! At Safari Children’s Dentistry & Braces, we offer emergency dental appointments for kids in San Antonio, TX.

Common Dental Emergencies

  • Intense toothache
  • Chipped, broken, cracked, or knocked-out teeth
  • Swelling or bleeding, either after an accident or a recent dental procedure
  • Foreign object stuck between teeth

How to Support Your Child in a Dental Emergency

Don’t panic if your child is going through a dental emergency. Take a deep breath and call our office!

For a knocked-out tooth, try to get the tooth in a glass of cold milk. The minerals in milk can keep the tooth “alive.” It may be possible to re-attach the tooth if you are able to get your child to our office in time.

Swelling and pain can be temporarily relieved by icing your child’s cheeks and rinsing with salty water. Use clean gauze to staunch any bleeding. Get your child professional care as soon as possible!

Avoiding a Dental Emergency

Sometimes emergencies are unavoidable, but there are ways to lessen the chances of having one. First, be sure that your child doesn’t chew on objects, like writing utensils and packaging and ice, which can damage their teeth. Help them maintain a healthy smile by encouraging them to brush twice a day for two minutes each time and floss every day. Provide them with a balanced diet that will strengthen their teeth and gums. Additionally, if your child plays contact sports, they should always wear a mouthguard to prevent broken, cracked, or dislodged teeth.

Emergency Dentistry for Kids in San Antonio, TX

If your child experiences a dental emergency, please call us! Our flexible financial options makes appointments, even emergency ones, affordable for our patients. Apart from emergency services, we also offer comprehensive pediatric dental services to keep your child’s smile healthy.

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